The Story of the Boys

The Story of the Boys

While I was drawing this portrait I had a lot of emotions and memories.

I remember how long I was crying and then decided that I needed to do something to help them.

It was not a big deal what it will cost for me. In situations such as this you can’t to fix a lot, but you can pray and tell other people. I remember how difficult it was for me to carry a lot of food to the village on the bus. But I was so happy for these kids and the for people who didn’t loose time to help and react so quickly.

Now I can tell that God fixed those circumstances completely and I was honored to be part of that difficult process. These kids now live with the best person for them. They don’t need to go to the forest to find berries or other food for dinner. They live in Kiev in a big apartment, and everybody has there own bed, toilet and shower that work. All their needs are fulfilled.

It is a big contrast between when I saw them in that village and in the orphanage they were also in. They still have consequences because of their background, and from time to time I gather money for them to hire tutors or psychologists.

These five kids made an influence on me and I hope that I also made an impact in there life. If you want to know more about this kids and pray for them or help with money, send me your email. I don’t want to publicly put here there names and problems because everybody deserves respect of their privacy.

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