I hate the silence that surrounds orphans. I never had fear that my life is in danger and I never was really hungry, when it was not my choice. Even when everything seemed not so perfect, I knew that bunch of people wanted to help me and that somebody will come to cry with me. I was asking God why I’m so lucky and have so much blessings. But some are so unprotected and vulnerable. Orphans, especially from villages, don’t know their rights. They don’t have a voice to protect themselves. When we kiss our kids and spouse at morning, starting new day with new plans and ideas, some orphan are afraid to wake up. This child has a question in her mind – is this fosterer going to abuse me today again?

When Albina’s favourite teacher from orphanage, the teacher she called mother, found out that she told something bad about their orphanage, Albina asked her – did you know what this man was doing to me? The woman said: I was guessing it was true. This woman committed a crime, crime of silence. The same crime is done by believers unfortunately. Actually it’s very difficult to gather enough evidence to prove such things. But some Christian organisations are too careful. They are scared that administration of orphanages won’t allow them to do lectures if they ask too many questions or do another movement. Of course in this case you need to make actions with wisdom and a lot of research and consultations. I don’t want to rush but I know that I need to do something.

It started when I made a post in Facebook about the orphanage and college and what kind of deal these two organisation have. But mostly my post was about Albina, her sport talent, and kind heart. I did this to gather money for her education in her dream University. For her it was almost impossible to get a free place there, because of her background and very weak knowledge. But she did it. She passed tests and went through all obstacles that a lot of people made for her.  I was so glad and so confused. I knew that it was God’s voice that I was suppose to help to Albina, and I had this desire a while. But now that article created some problems, because administration of orphanage saw it and of course they don’t like that somebody talked about that awful deals with collage where they send kids. That collage got from government a lot of money for orphans and they still ask these kids to give them money for repairs or that they can print for them diploma.

Kids don’t have opportunity to go to normal collage because they are supposed to do what director of orphanage tells them to do. That director of course doesn’t want to send kids to normal college in city, because the awful one pays her money for kids. Everybody knows this information (teachers, kids, volunteers, Christian organisations). Two years ago I arrived at that orphanages with bags and sheets and some books for kids who graduate. Then in two month I came again to that college. I saw how kids life became worse and worse. Before I visited this kids from 2010 once or twice per year with team or alone. We stayed there in missionary’s house. Unfortunately this village is too far from civilisation and strange things are going on their like child abuse. And such awful things are in almost every orphanage and kids really afraid to tell to somebody that they were raped.

So because of that article where I described a lit bit how orphanage and college steal money from orphans, I find out that in the orphanage men raped and abused girls a lot. I was talking with the girls, nobody wanted to go to police. It seemed hopeless. But God already stated to do something with this.

My request to you is to separate one day for fasting, and not only pray but cry for these kids. I maybe will visit Albina one day, or she will visit us here. Give me advice, what I can say to this girl, who was abused and stolen,  and betrayed a lot of times.