This lady – Nataly is awesome an singer and very cheerful all the time, and also very pretty. But she was ashamed of her big (cute) cheeks. She was asking me to make a portrait for her but she wanted me to take off 20 kilos, she also didn’t have money for a portrait. So I made this portrait for her for free but with her cute cheeks.

The biggest challenge in portrait is to show faces how they are in real life, not worse or better. It should be exactly that person with the same look and the same smile and the same cheeks. Actually it is not so easy to make everything identical.

If I return to the topic “woman and their beauty”, it is not always easy… sometimes the world is telling us that the woman’s task is to be pretty, sometimes to be a strong independent woman, or to be a good wife and mother. I like that mostly ladies struggle with multitasking and taking on a lot of roles. Even if I have super clear goals it is so easy to distract my mind with a lot of problems in this world and to try to fix everything and to help everybody. But maybe it is the most beautiful thing in woman to be a little clumsy and forgot about yourself when somebody needs help.

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