Now my baby is almost 7 month years old and everything start to be little bit more difficult. She is already super-active and with solid food it is a lot of work. I need to think in front how to prepare food, where to buy, to pay attention when she is really hungry and when she is just fussy. It’s very difficult in the beginning, because parents supposed to make research almost for doctor degree. And with 6 month old age babies definitely they are ready to sleep all night, if you, of course, to ask your baby politely few times.

I’m talking with my husband and with other mothers about perfect schedule for baby. And mostly people don’t like word regime, maybe because it’s associate with Soviet Union time. But I think one of the most important thing that I can give to my daughter it is good habits and independence, after love and health. With independence it’s suppose to be slow process, but after this age – 6 month babies are every aware that they are separate person and this could cause anxious. But I notice that this anxious more mother’s thing. We just got use to this obligation that this tiny human being need to be next to mommy all the time, then discovery period began. 

In America people encouraging their kids to be independent as soon as it’s possible. But in Ukraine we have opposite situation. A lot of mothers prefer to sleep with babies, because it’s easy to nurse them and feel each other love. But our mothers want to feed their babies in 30 years too. Nobody planning this to have not very mature adult kids but it is a habit. We need to think not only our kids habits but our own too.

Even if now it’s more work with the baby I start to enjoy of the motherhood. Maybe it was so difficult before because of hormones and waves of a mood that were looks more like tsunami. But also everything new make our IQ lower(scientific fact) because of stress. Maybe Lizzy’s habit to play at night was so accosted. I’m still in educational process to find a new information that will allow me and my baby to have rest and to have fun. I already have a lot of life hacks to amuse Lizzy. Something like to allow her to take all toys from the box on her carpet and to put it all back and again to give her to make a mess. We can do this just 5-6 times and she getting bored but this is giving me 2 hours when I can work during the day. It is always was fun for me to find solutions for difficult task, but here we have the most difficult task and the biggest joy of close relationships, developing of new person.

Photos taken by my husband, Joey Marasek, on medium format film. You can see his work on his website.