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I’m so glad that you decided to visit my website. I’d like to know something about you, but first let me introduce myself. I’m an ordinary artist from Ukraine, but I like to use my art in different and unusual ways. Don’t worry I will explain.

First of all I paint what I like and try to enjoy every challenge in a new painting. My favorite subjects to paint are people and architecture. Also my art is a tool for charity projects.

Since 2009 I have been working as a volunteer with orphans. I often do workshops with them and different courses including culinary, computer class and of course drawing. But my goal is to gather other volunteers and make volunteers from normal people. That’s why I like to paint walls, especially in orphanage and hospitals. It can tell people about the kids’ problems and needs. Such projects attract a lot of people and make me very busy sometimes. Besides, painting walls is also a challenge and opportunity for development.

The third thing about my art – it’s my business. I take part in exhibitions and competitions. I try to develop my skills all the time and learn from other artists. My costumers are always my friends, who deserve the best quality and an honest price. This side of my art is very important, because business can help me make more charity. And now I want to hear your story. If you have advice on how I can promote paintings or how to help orphans, you can connect with me and make an impact.

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2012-2013                   L’viv National Academy of Art

                                   Master’s Degree in Interior Design and Art Education

2007 – 2012                Kyiv National University of Constructions and Architecture

                                    Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design

1997 – 2007                Kyiv, Ukraine – Goverment School #298

                                   High School Diploma


Work Experience

2013 – Present            SelfEmployed Artist – Kyiv and L’viv, Ukraine

For the past few years I have been making commissioned paintings for different clients and working on different charity projects such as painting walls in orphanages. I have also held private and group lessons, especially with children and students preparing to enter the Arts University. 

2018 – Present            33 Art Studio – Art in English Teacher – Kyiv, Ukraine

This studio was looking for an art teacher who can speak with the kids in English. It is a professional art studio with high quality art supplies who hires only professional artists. I have been working there every Saturday since October 2018.

2015 – 2016                 “Prishipka” Art Studio – Art Teacher

In this studio I was teaching young people academic art. People who have a hobby to paint asked for a teacher who can teach them to draw basic things. My task was to make a short course that can improve the students’ skills.

2013 – 2015                 Talent Land Education Center – Art Teacher

I was working here with small kids (3-7 years old). One of my tasks was to make a unique program for the kids. This program was not only to develop them but also to help them concentrate. I was working with a team of psychologists. In my group there were kids with hyperactivity and other issues.

2012 – 2013                 MediaStar Advertising Agency  Office manager

I designed business cards and flyers. My tasks were also was to talk with costumers and propose them the best solution for their needs. After the work day I was doing art lessons for my boss and employers.


Volunteer Experience


When I started to gather groups for art lessons, a community appeared where we shared ideas on how to make the world better through art. With my students we did a few projects. “To Color a Childhood“was one. We were painting walls in the orphanages and hospitals.


Association Emmanuel

In this organization I was working on a hot line. I have also visited orphanages with them since 2010. After this experience I started to visit different orphanages and invite a lot friends and occasional acquaintances. My first project with the painting walls in the orphanage was in 2012. 

Ukrainian Catholic University

I still receive an invitation every year from them to work on a project “business school”. For this project I went through trainings for facilitators. My role was to lead a group during the brainstorming session.    

Poland Art

Poland Art is very creative people organizing a few projects for exchanging art experiences. They are working at festivals like “Slot”. This events helps people see international art and to be a teacher for an international group.  


Languages Spoken    


Ukrainian, Russian, English




Аdobe Рhotoshop


3Ds Max

MS Word

MS Excel


Art Exhibitions  


2013 “Seasons”                                   

2014 “Charity”

 2015 “Architecture”                           

2016 “Watercolor”

2017 “Petrikovka art”            

2018 “People”

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